We have two facilities but all the services in addition to daycare are done out of our Powell Street facility.
The Davie Street location is for daycare only.  


Basic Buddy Service
1-4 nights: $45.00 per night
5+ nights: $42.00 per night

Peace and Quiet Service
1-4 nights: $50.00 per night
5+ nights: $47.00 per night

Home Away From Home Service
 1+ nights: $70.00 per night

  • Owners are required to bring food for their pets, or may purchase some upon check in. We do not feed anything not approved by the pet parents

  • Prices do not include tax, and are per dog, per night 

  • All boarding is based on a 24 hour cycle, starting from thetime of check in. Once past your 24 hr mark, appropriate daycare charges apply
  • Dogs that stay 15+ nights will receive a complimentary bath+blow dry


Basic Buddy Service
Your dog has a slumber party with other dogs of equal size and temperament in a shared 500 sq ft partition overnight. They are in with the regular pack during the day. 

Ideal for:
Confident dogs that love some snuggle buddies

Peace and Quiet Service
Your dog spends some quiet time in a 500 sq ft partition overnight, and is in with the daycare pack during the day. 

Ideal for:
Anxious or older dogs, and if your pooch has a bone or toy he can't sleep without

Home Away From Home Service
Your dog gets to relax and enjoy our staff's company in a quiet home environment. May be shared with other resident animals.

Ideal for: People oriented dogs, or dogs with severe separation anxiety. It's also the best choice to give yourself ultimatepeace of mind. 


Full Day
6+ Hours: $ 29.99

Half Day
1-6 hours: $22.00

Unlimited Monthly Package
1 Calendar Month: $475.00

10 Full Day Package
5% savings: $285.00

20 Full Day Package
10% savings: $540.00

  • You are welcome to bring lunches or snacks for your pup to daycare.

  • 10 and 20 full day packages expire 6 months after purchase date

  • Packages are non-refundable and non-transferable

  • Unlimited Monthly Passes expire at the end of thecalendar month, like a bus pass

Dogs spend their day at either the Powell Street, or Davie Street facility.

Our daycare is excellent for supervised socialization, mental, and physical stimulation. We also encourage good habit and manner building. Team members are trained to identify specific dog behaviors to ensure a happy, safe, comfortable play day.


1 Hour Group Walk

30 Minute Private Walk

1 Hour Private Walk

20 Minute Puppy Break

  • Geographical restrictions apply

Walks make an excellent add-on service to daycare or boarding.We accommodate walks close to our locations as well. 

Contact us for further details!


Group Pick up/Drop Off 
 Each way: $6.00

Private Transport

First 30 minutes: $29.99
Additional 30 minutes thereafter: $18.99

  • We cannot guarantee a specific time for group pick up or drop off. Our route changes according to our dogs, traffic, and weather conditions.

  • Group pick up/drop off is complimentary if your dog attends 3 full days within one week

  • Pick up/drop off is not offered for half days for the half day rate

  • Geographical restrictions, terms, and conditions apply

The regular shuttle service that's done between 7:00am to 10:00am for pick-ups, and 4:00pm to 7:00pm for drop offs.  Service is available Monday to Friday only.

Ideal for: Frequent daycare and boarding transport

The customized service. You may book an approximate time between 10:30am and 2:00pm.  

Ideal for: Occasional daycare, Vet transportation, solo rides for anxious or first-timer dogs


Small Bath + Towel Dry

Medium Bath + Towel Dry

Large bath + Towel Dry

Blow-drying By Request
Every 10 minutes: $10.00

Small/Medium Nail Trim
$ 10.00

Large Nail Trim

  • Pricing based on short-medium hair breeds only. Mandatory blow drying for longer haired breeds. Please call for a personalized quote.

  • All baths include hypoallergenic shampoo, leave in conditioner, a teeth check, and ear cleaning.


 Our groomer is schooled and certified. She has been actively grooming for the last 5 years and only has your dog's best interests in mind. She is patient, and strives for a relaxing grooming experience.

Prices quoted are estimates only.

Actual prices or quotes in person will reflect:  

  • Coat Condition
  • Presence of matting fur
  • Presence of fleas or other parasites 
  • Temperament of dog 
  • Age 
  • Type of cut ( the longer the cut, the longer the groom ) 

Please call the Powell Street location for a personalized quote for your pooch.