Animal care comes easy for Tamara. Her assertive and patient disposition, as well as an empathetic understanding of animal behavior makes her a perceptive, insightful individual. With a wide array of knowledge ranging from reptiles, to domestic pet nutrition, to horses, she is a well-rounded asset to the team.

Having worked the circuit of big box pet retail stores, Tamara eventually branched off into hands on dog care and grooming. Having worked for other grooming salons, pet stores and dog daycare's in past, she found herself wanting higher standards for safety, cleanliness, and customer service. To further her knowledge, she took an accredited dog grooming course and earned her certificate as a professional dog groomer.

Having built a furry family of two cats and a dog, she has settled at Canine Concierge. It is here she is able to share her love of nutrition, grooming, and cat and dog care both to staff and to new customers. Now as a manager, she works hard to uphold both her personal, and professional high standards. She strives to provide a stress-free, well informed experience for anyone that comes through the door.


Katie has grown up with animals since a young age. In elementary school, she went through a phase of pretending to be a dog, much to the chagrin of her family. Professionally, Katie comes to us from a background in human health care as a former Registered Nurse in cardiology and cardiac surgery. She aids to uphold Canine Concierges high standards of care and customer interaction. She has developed a keen eye for spotting minor changes in a dogs behavior and overall health. She is prompt to relay such information to the management team or to the pup's owner.

Using some new techniques as well as previous know-how, she worked hard to develop a strong bond between her and her boston-pug mix, Rocco. She has taken a personal interest in clicker training, and is currently enrolled in a recall class. This new set of skills has set her up for success in the ways of dog handling and communicating to her pack members.

She has enjoyed the change to a new profession and is always learning and improving her skills in animal care. She loves helping customers problem solve behavioral concerns, and is eager to share her learned knowledge. She is an approachable and enthusiastic member of our team. Her company is enjoyed by both dogs, and humans alike.


Lucas's patient and polite attitude resonates well with anyone he meets. Dogs are especially eager to see him and say hello with wagging tails, and happy faces. He is a person that exudes calmness with a warm, welcoming personality. These are just a few attributes that make him an ideal team member of Canine Concierge!

With a background in core sciences and human nutrition, his compassion and professionalism allowed him to work in care homes and hospitals in Montreal. He developed an understanding of living a healthy, preventative lifestyle. This specialized skill set easily carried over to Canine Concierge, allowing Lucas to tweak his know-how for the dogs instead of people.

He is quick to identify when a dog is feeling off, and promptly makes sure that dog receives cuddles while being closely monitored. His communication plays into a dogs well-being and overall care while at the facility too - he is always letting his team mates know what's going on with all the dogs, and if there is anything to watch out for.

Lucas makes every effort to ensure our canine companions are looked after with the utmost respect, protectively treating every pup as a member of his own extended family.


Carol is a dedicated and determined individual - especially when she is keeping a close eye on the pups visiting our facility!

Owning both cats and a dog, she has a variety of experience and knowledge under her belt when it comes to handling small and large furry friends. You can bet that your pooch will be in fantastic hands if having a sleep over, or on a walk while at daycare.

While she keeps a cool, calm, collected atmosphere at the daycare, she still loves to see the puppies play - as long as it's politely and in a gentle manner!