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Here at Canine Concierge, we pride ourselves on offering affordable, quality care that meet our customers’ ever changing needs.This is why we’re excited to introduce our new and improved boarding systemstarting as of Monday, March/2/2015 .

Now, instead of having just one service, you can customize your dogs boarding experience according to their needs, as well as your wallet. The new rates will reflect a 3 tier system. Outlined below is what each tier is, and what level of care would be provided.  

Tier 1 - Basic Buddy Service
1-4 nights - $39/night       or       4+ nights - $37/night  

If know your dog is pretty mellow and sleeps through the night, but still doesn’t like to be alone, go with this option. If you choose this service, we will pair your dog with another of similar temperament and size, then place them in their own section to enjoy each others company. We would provide the beds, and dishes. Talk about a puppy sleep-over! Dogs are monitored via wireless camera fed to management team members and are regularly checked on through-out the night. Facility is locked down for the night.

Tier 2 - Peace and Quiet Service
1-4 nights - $55/night       or       4+ nights - $50/night

Do you have a pup that plays really hard during the day to the point where they just sleep through the night? Or perhaps you want us to keep up their crate training so that their routine from home is not disrupted.  With this option, you have the advantage of your dog having their own section all to themselves. This would also allow you to bring your own beds, clothing items, toys and dishes from home to make it even more comfy for bed time! Their personal items would be put away and protected during the day, and only brought out at night time for your dog to enjoy. Dogs are monitored via wireless camera fed to management team members and are regularly checked on through-out the night. Facility is locked down for the night.

Tier 3 - Home Away From Home Service: 

$70 per night      

Do you have a pup that doesn’t like change, or perhaps an older dog that needs around the clock care?  If you have a dog that needs some special TLC outside of the norm, this option is for you. If you choose this tier, one of our experienced staff members will take your dog home with them over night and bring them back for more daycare enjoyment during the day. It could literally be their home away from home!  Dogs are monitored 24/7 with human supervision.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly team members. Our phone number is 604-215-9877 or alternatively you can email us by clicking the Learn More button below. 


We are getting ready to offer you our new deluxe suites for your pooch, located in the upper portion of the Canine Concierge facility! There are many unique features that you and your pet will be able to benefit from, if this option is chosen. Among those benefits would be wireless webcam access to see what your pup gets up to in their own private suite. No other dog would have access to their room. Unlike the Peace and Quiet service where your dogs’ belongings are put away during the day, they will instead remain in their appointed space for the duration of their stay. No other dog will interrupt the space during the day.

This also means that you may bring whatever you’d like from home to make your furry friend feel at ease, with no risk of it being damaged by another dog. Some rooms will even have their own window for a  nice breeze! So luxurious…

This option is suitable for any dog that enjoys their alone time, and would like a sound sleep in their own bed. It is also the only option that allows you, the pet parents, to check on your pup with a live feed rather than just pictures. When you’re getting up in the morning in another time zone, you can see your companion snuggling in for the night. How adorable!   


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