About Canine Concierge

With multiple locations to serve you, each shop is your one-stop service center for dogs. We offer a full range of services and products for happy and healthy dogs, including, but not limited to:

  • Cage-free daycare and overnight boarding (unless requested)  
  • Group and private walks 
  • Dog haircuts, baths and nail trims 
  • Pick up and drop off service  
  • Transportation to and from vet appointments

We also...

  • Can accommodate requests for special needs dogs
  • Are accustomed to integrating adopted/rescued dogs into our pack
  • Separate our dogs by age, size, and temperament 
  • Have staff trained in animal first aid, behavior, and nutrition
  • Provide a thorough assessment on all dogs prior to acceptance into our facility
  • Give new dogs a gradual, closely monitored introduction to existing pack members



What news has the pup dragged in?

New pack members!
Have we got a treat for you...

Anxious and destructive dog, or perhaps a shy puppy? What about a rescue dog that needs to re-learn how to be a dog? Look no further!

From August 1st until September 1st, new clients can enjoy either 25% off a 10 day package, or 30% off a 20 day package.

Canine Concierge is a cage-free daycare that encourages good behaviors like sit, stay, wait and no jumping! We have staff trained in small and large dog behavior, all to make sure your best friend gets the most out of their daycare experience.

Contact us today to book your pooch in for some summer fun!

  • The above 25% and 30% discount is off of single priced full days only.  
  • Discount is not to be taken off existing package prices listed on website, Facebook, or in store. Contact our shop directly for promotional pricing.  
  • Valid on new dogs that join our pack between August 1st and September 1st only. No rain checks.
  • Both orientation and package purchase must be between August 1 - September 1st to qualify for promotional pricing


Pearly whites not looking so pearly?

Take advantage of K9 Gentle Dental's fabulous services, hosted by Canine Concierge!

Using K9 Gentle Dental is an anesthesia-free service. They use all manual tools so as to not spook your pooch.

If they find a problem that needs vet attention, they will immediately stop the service and call you right away.

These lovely folks are more than happy to offer a complimentary consultation if you were't sure about the service, or your dogs current dental health.

Spots are limited, so be sure to give us a call to book an appointment soon.

Our next cleaning clinic is scheduled for Wednesday September 20th 2017 at our Powell Street facility.



Holiday Hours



Monday September 4th: CLOSED FOR LABOUR DAY

* Boarding check in between 9:00am and 10:00am OR 4:00pm - 5:00pm

* Shuttle service not available
* Grooming services not available



Monday September 4th: CLOSED FOR LABOUR DAY